TOP: 10 Most Followed Players on Instagram

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“Ghost” gave up on “Varan” and turned to “Torres” instead.

1st place 🥇
321 million followers
Christiano Ronaldo
Club: Juventus

2nd place 🥈
235 million followers
Lionel Messi
Club: no affiliation

3rd place 🥉
155 million followers
Club : Paris Saint-Germain

followed by 54.8 million
Achillion M. motorboats backpacks
club Paris Saint Germain.

6th place
, 48.6 million followers
, Zlatan Ibrahimovic
Club: AC Milan

6th place
, 48.2 million followers
Club: Real Madrid

7th place
, 46.8 million followers,
James Rodriguez
Club: Everton

8th place
, 46.1 million followers,
Paul Pogba
Club: Manchester United

9th place
, 45.9 million followers
Sergio Ramos
Club: Paris Saint-Germain

10th place
, 44.1 million followers
Gareth Bale
Club: Tottenham Hotspur