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What types of medicines should not be taken with coffee? life threatening

What types of medications should not be taken with coffee? life threatening

Coffee is a beverage that is extremely popular all over the world. Contains caffeine, a nervous system stimulant. wake up the body animated And improves work efficiency. However, taken coffee with certain medications can cause serious side effects, even death. Medicines that should not be taken with coffee include: Coffee may

8 dangerous signs of "heart disease" risk

8 dangerous signs of “heart disease” risk

Heart palpitations, chest tight, tight to the point of being unable to breathe. from heart disease It is a symptom that cannot be noticed from the outside. And it is impossible to predict when or how often it will happen. Many times when traveling to see a doctor Often show

How dangerous is "high blood fat" and how is it treated?

How dangerous is “high blood fat” and how is it treated?

High blood fat It is the cause of many dangerous diseases. You should hurry and get treatment before it’s too late. Information from the Food and Drug Administration or FDA indicates that abnormal blood lipids or dyslipidemia is a disease in the NCDs group. People with this