Mukoko admits to having thought of quitting after being heavily pressured by the media

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Youssoufa Mugcola has been in great form for the youth team. Russian Dortmund and Youssoufa Mugco have become the youngest players to feature in the Bundesliga. Russia Dortmund has already made Youssoufa Mugco one of the young players. Immediately, the German media has been spreading the news about Youssoufa Mugcola. Heavy as a great footballer.

But Youssoufa Mugcola was not at all happy to be watched and felt a lot of pressure. His mental state was so bad that he would quit playing football. Youssoufa Mugco said in an interview. “As soon as many media spread the news about me. So hard it immediately made me feel stressed especially. My age was raised as an important ufabet issue. I thought of quitting immediately but got a trainer who could help me. Helping me to overcome this period successfully.”

Youssoufa Mugcola made 15 appearances for Borussia Dortmund last season. scored three goals in the 2021/22 season. Youssoufa’s goal Mugaco is making more appearances for Borussia Dortmund than last season and scoring more goals.