Potter admits to losing a good player out of the team

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Brighton’s England manager Graham Potter has admitted he could lose some of the best players at the end of the 2021/22 season if a very favorable offer comes to mind.

From being just a team at the bottom of the English Premier League table. But now Brighton have been upgraded to a team in the middle of the table with excellent results. Especially when playing as an away team that has just lost. Only one match and Brighton’s outstanding performance is not out of Ives Bissouma. Tariq Lamtey have always been in the news about moving the team. Most of them are Leading teams in the English Premier League want both of them to join the team.

In the case of Ives Bissouma. There is interest from Manchester United want a new midfielder to join the team. Liverpool are also interested in Tariq Lamtey. There is news that may decide to return to the original agency. Such as Chelsea in order to squeeze in the first place. Reece James to Brighton will not want to let both Ives Bissouma. Tariq Lamtey leave the team. But Kee Rham Potter admits the duo may leave after the 2021/22 season.

Brighton is a strong UFABET club and we don’t want to let go of important players but it is very common in football for players to switch teams for the challenge or success of their career at Eve. Bissouma and Tariq Lamtey also have the opportunity to part with Brighton if the offer is considered satisfactory and sometimes the release of some players gives us money. enough to add a new army of players to join the team.