Crystal Palace break Mateta not to leave

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Crystal Palace’s French forward Jean-Philips Mateta is likely to stay at Crystal Palace after his impressive form, with Saint-Etienne keen on signing Jean Fili. Pep Mateta joins the team as well.

With so many offensive options, Jean-Philips Mateta seems to be only a patient sub. Plus the main one who has been playing on the field has done a satisfactory job as well. Even moving along. On loan, Jean-Philips Mateta continued to need the opportunity to start and, having to sit on the bench. Jean-Philips Mateta began to consider a break-up. With Crystal Palace to return to Mainz 05 and wait for the team who submitted an offer to consider again

Most recently, it is Saint-Etienne who want Jean-Philips Mateta to strengthen in the offensive game. So the remaining half of the season. There is no other option for Saint-Etienne other than to add new players to the team to help the overall performance better if he hopes to move up from the relegation zone and become Jean-Philippe. Mateta, who appears to be just an excess of Crystal Palace.

But after key players such as Jordan Ayew and Wilfried Zaha had to return to their home countries to prepare for the African Nations Cup. Jean-Philips Mateta was awarded. The opportunity to play immediately. For Crystal Palace’s starting line-up with excellent results. Crystal Palace recently decided not to send Jean. Philips Mateta has returned to Mainz 05 and is ready to join the UFABET team on a permanent contract.