Dunn reveals Dias is good enough to be the Blues’ next captain

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After serious defensive problems, Manchester City have decided to pay up to 65 million pounds to bring Ruben Dias from Benfica last season and Ruben Dias raised. Manchester City’s defensive level is a lot and is an important part of helping Manchester City win. The English Premier League and Manchester City can reach the final in the UEFA battle. Champions League, Manchester City have to wait for the first trophy after losing to Chelsea unfortunately.

In the qualifications, Richard Dunn is confident that Ruben Dias is good enough to become the captain of Manchester City for sure. They has performed brilliantly last season and no defender has performed better than him. Other than Ruben Dias have the squad gives his team-mates a great deal of comfort. Up that Ruben Dias is good enough to become the next captain of Manchester City.

Ruben Dias made 50 appearances for Manchester City. In all ufabet competitions last season and has won the British Media Player of the Year awards. Although Ruben Dias is not yet wearing the captain’s armband because Fernandinho Just extended the contract for another year. But if Fernandinho Not on the field will be Ruben Dias, who wears the captain’s armband.