8 dangerous signs of “heart disease” risk

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Heart palpitations, chest tight, tight to the point of being unable to breathe. from heart disease It is a symptom that cannot be noticed from the outside. And it is impossible to predict when or how often it will happen. Many times when traveling to see a doctor Often show no symptoms This makes it difficult to diagnose the cause of such symptoms. What type of heart disease is there at risk for? Therefore, it can be said that heart disease is a silent danger that is scary and should not be overlooked.

Dr. Than Suwattanawirot Heart center doctor Thonburi Bamrungmuang Hospital said heart disease is the leading cause of death among Thai people and has a tendency to increase every year, especially in Thailand which is entering a fully aging society. This is considered another factor that causes the number of people suffering from heart disease to increase. From the Ministry of Public Health’s statistical data (2018), it was found that 432,943 Thai people are sick with cardiovascular disease, with a death rate of 20,855 people per year, or 2 people per hour, which affects the quality of life of the people. Cause economic loss from premature death Both at the individual, family, social, and national levels.

8 dangerous signs of "heart disease" risk

Causes of heart disease

The causes of heart disease come from many factors. Both in matters of heredity, gender, increasing age. or even living life carelessly Working hard for a long time, accumulated stress, eating foods that contain saturated fat. and trans fats. Heart disease can be divided into 6 types: coronary heart disease heart valve disease Myocardial disease Pericardial disease Congenital heart disease and other diseases related to and affecting the heart such as cardiac arrhythmias High blood pressure The symptoms and treatment guidelines for each สมัคร ufabet type of heart disease are different.

8 dangerous signs of “heart disease” risk 

Warning signs that there is a risk of heart disease are:

  1. Tired easily
  2. Difficulty breathing when exercising or walking quickly
  3. Chest pain or tightness in the center of the chest
  4. Unable to lie down like normal Because you will feel tired and uncomfortable.
  5. Had gasping for breath and had to wake up and sit up in the middle of the night
  6. Passing out for no apparent reason  
  7. Swollen legs or feet for no apparent reason  
  8. The tips of the hands, feet, and lips appear dark green.

Diagnose heart disease with a Cath Lab

In Thailand, there are also sick people and deaths. “Coronary artery disease” is the most important technology that is necessary to help reduce the loss rate is laboratory technology for cardiovascular catheterization (Cardiac Catheterization Lab) or, in short, Cath Lab, which is a special type of X-ray room with A highly efficient tool for processing coronary artery images. and blood vessels in other parts Can be rotated in all directions This allows the doctor to view images from any angle as desired. Can be re-examined in detail Makes it easier to diagnose disease What level of violence is there? Can detect the abnormal location and severity of coronary artery stenosis. It is also possible to view heart muscle contractions. If abnormalities are found Coronary artery blockage Doctors will be able to treat it by inserting a balloon to expand it. and/or insert a stent in a timely manner

How to prevent heart disease

Heart disease is a disease that can be prevented and reduce the occurrence of loss. The best way to prevent disease before it occurs is

  1. Have regular annual health checks .
  2. Trying to treat high blood pressure
  3. Treats diabetes , fat, and atherosclerosis which are factors that increase heart disease.
  4. Always exercise regularly.
  5. Eat healthy food
  6. Avoid foods that are high in fat.
  7. Control your weight to be within normal limits.
  8. Refrain from smoking, drinking alcohol