Pep insists Bernardo Silva wants to leave

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Pep Guardiola has confirmed Bernardo Silva wants to leave. There are also 2-3 other players.

Bernardo Silva, Portuguese midfielder Wants to leave Manchester City in this summer including 2-3 other players

The 26-year-old midfielder sees himself as not getting the opportunity to play as he should. Being switched out regularly when given the opportunity to actually fit in. His role in the team was becoming less noticeable. When the coach of the team like Pep turned to use other people more. Although he can play an offensive position on the edge of the line. But in this position, there are also Marez, Sterling, Foden who are already doing an excellent job.

Arrival of Jack Grealish who moved from Astal Villa with a fee of 100 million pounds Probably didn’t buy it to sit back for sure. He definitely moved in to be the main character. That makes the chances of Bernardo’s field will be reduced to less.

Portuguese midfielder Bernardo Silva, 26, has been linked with Atletico Madrid and Arsenal. who want to join the team Which seems referred to want to move to Atletico. more than madrid Despite reports that Arsenal was the first team to make an official offer to approach this midfielder.

“Bernado wants to leave and there are a few other players who want to leave as well,” Pep said ufabet .

“Now they are our players. when an offer approaches them which they want to move the team We are ready to listen to offers from other teams. But it all depends on themselves.”

Bernardo Silva’s performance for Manchester City last season played 42 games in all competitions, scoring 3 goals and providing 7 assists.