Genuine nursery! Chelsea signs 17-year-old Senegalese boy to strengthen squad

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Chelsea has added another young star to strengthen its youth academy, including Senegalese midfielder Pap Dauda Dion. U-17 youth kit

Genuine nursery! Chelsea signs 17-year-old Senegalese boy to strengthen squad

Fabrizio Romano, a well-known reporter, spread the news that Chelsea has added one more rising star to strengthen the youth academy, namely Pape Daouda Diong. A midfielder from the Senegalese national team. U-17 youth kit with a contract already signed Only the official deal remains.

Todd Bohly’s past investments have clearly focused on paying for younger players, with Mauricio Pochettino now having a squad of under-25s at his disposal. Dozens of large sets And the work still hasn’t arrived.

However, the team recruiting players for the Singha team Still continuing to work to strengthen with young players. And the latest is Papa Dauda Dion, a rising star who was born only in 2006.

Papa Dauda Dion will turn 18 in the middle of next year. and will move to Chelsea’s academy during that time

However, the contract has already been signed. Only an official announcement from all involved parties remains. And the players had already visited Stamford Bridge about 2 weeks ago.

For Papa Dauda Dion is a player for AF Daru Salam in Senegal. who plays in the defensive midfield position And at just 17 years of age, he already has a height of 190 cm and is expected to become a gem of the Senegalese national team in the ยูฟ่าเบท future.