Elliott presents a jersey and stud to a boy in the hospital bed next to him as he waits for ankle surgery.

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Liverpool midfielder Harvey Elliott 18, has suffered a serious ankle injury. In the game in which the team defeated Leeds United 3-0 in the Premier League game last night. But still generosity by sending encouragement to the boy in the bed next to him. he in the hospital.

Which has been revealed from the father of the little boy. He has posted a message in the social world that “My son broke his arm while playing football this afternoon. But the man on the bed next to him was Harvey Elliott, who gave him the Liverpool shirt he was wearing. and boots for my son My son is very excited right now”

for Harvey Elliott’s latest condition.The ankle bone has already been arranged. before undergoing surgery again within this week While the Jurgen Klopp has revealed after the game that “I think we all see The ankle is no longer in the proper position. Once again, the medical team put it in the right place. which was important at the time to do it quickly. Besides that There isn’t much good to say about it. It was definitely a terrible injury. And we have to wait and see from the examination. evaluate further Or whatever. Scanning, everything we can do.”