Various perspectives on England national team with 3 points that were not encouraging in the debut game of Euro 2024

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  • England beat Serbia 1-0 in their opening Euro 2024 group game
  • Gareth Southgate ‘s team underperformed
  • The Three Lions need to improve their form urgently if they are to succeed.
Various perspectives on England national team with 3 points that were not encouraging in the debut game of Euro 2024

England national team Under the leadership of manager Gareth Southgate. He debuted in Euro 2024 this time with a performance that was not very good after defeating Serbia 1-0 and throughout the game he barely showed. to standards that are superior to competitors

In this game, England took the lead through Jude Bellingham. The captain of Real Madrid in the 13th minute, which made Southgate’s team play with less pressure and try to keep the score until they were able to collect three important points.

Trent Alexander-Arnold, Liverpool ‘s vice-captain , who started in the midfield role in this match, said: “We could have done better. But it is very important to start the tournament with a victory. And in football that’s the only thing that matters.”

 “We have to keep the momentum, not get too carried away. We know we have to improve, we have to learn. But today’s performance is something we can look back on and be happy about.”

Southgate, meanwhile, was pleased with the win. and praised Bellingham for showing his best form, stating, “We encountered a few problems. I think it was a really good performance for us. I thought the way we defended in the box was outstanding in keeping the score until the end of the ยูฟ่าเบท game.

“He (Bellingham) created everything himself. It was a great game, a great preparation. I thought all our forwards looked really good.”

Mark Guehi, defender from Crystal Palace, added: “I am very happy with our performance. It’s always difficult to get off to a good start in a major tournament. The most important thing is Victory And we did it. We have to focus now, improve and move forward.”

Rio Ferdinand, former England defender for Manchester United , who currently plays the role of a guru, told “BBC” that “As an England fan, it is necessary to see that They will analyze how the game plays out. Of course, there are different ways of playing. You defend in territory. Or you can play with more emphasis on possession of the ball.”

“But sometimes when you play too defensively, you can panic and the solution is to keep possession and pull the opposition out of danger areas, play higher and be confident because at the end of the game they seem a little bit nervous too.”

Former Manchester City right-back Micah Richards added: “It makes me sad to see a player of Phil Foden’s quality left out of the game. At City everything seems to work with Pep Guardiola and the system they play. We need to find a way to get him involved.”

 “When he’s in a position away from the opposition box, it’s difficult for him. He has to cope with being pressed wide and has to get himself back into the middle. He needs a full-back to work with him so he can find a link-up effectively.”

 In the next game, England will meet Denmark and Slovenia on 20 and 26 June, which will be interesting to see if Southgate will be able to adjust the team’s balance. And can many players bring out their good form or not?