How dangerous is “high blood fat” and how is it treated?

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High blood fat It is the cause of many dangerous diseases. You should hurry and get treatment before it’s too late.

Information from the Food and Drug Administration or FDA indicates that abnormal blood lipids or dyslipidemia is a disease in the NCDs group. People with this disease have abnormal levels of fat in their blood. Inflammation in the blood vessels There is fat accumulated in the arteries. Affects the heart and blood vessel system, such as coronary artery disease. Cerebral artery blockage

How dangerous is "high blood fat" and how is it treated?

Types of fat in the blood found

In general, There are 2 types of fat:

  1. Cholesterol is divided into 2 types.
  • LDL (low density lipoprotein) is bad fat. The more you have it, the more it will cause the disease to continue and get worse.
  • HDL (high density lipoprotein) good fat prevents inflammation. and blockage of blood vessels
  1. Triglycerides

Treatment of hypercholesterolemia

The doctor may consider adjusting eating habits. Reduce eating high-fat foods. Including high starch and sugar Including recommendations for exercise. and adjust behavior in daily life to move the body more This may help reduce blood fat in cases where blood fat is not very high. 

But in cases with abnormally high levels of fat in the body It may be necessary to take medicine to reduce blood lipid levels. And it may be necessary to use medicine to control the disease forever. Because if these diseases are present, there will be more and more progression of the disease. But they usually don’t show any symptoms. Some patients therefore have the misconception that they have already recovered. and may stop taking the medicine on its own This can make the disease worse. and various complications can occur as a result.

Treating hyperlipidemia using medications

Treatment of abnormal blood lipids is divided into 2 phases.

  • In the beginning it was drug use. To prevent complications
  • Once complications occur, the goal is to use medication to prevent recurrence. 

Statins are the mainstay of drugs widely used in the treatment of patients with dyslipidemia. Can reduce the amount of bad body fat Reduce the amount of triglycerides and increase the amount of good body fat as well It can also inhibit platelet aggregation. anti-inflammatory and antioxidants as well In general, it is recommended to take it 1 time per day before bedtime because the process of creating cholesterol occurs more during the night. But some newer fat-reducing drugs Works longer You can take the medicine at other times, such as after breakfast. Therefore, take the medicine strictly according to your doctor’s orders.

If before going to bed you forget to eat to reduce fat. Then I remembered it in the morning of the next day. Take that day’s medication as usual without increasing your dose. This is because the efficiency of reducing fat overall will not be affected much. Taking an overdose increases the risk of side effects from the drug. 

How to reduce blood fat sustainably

  1. Exercise regularly At least 3 days a week, 30 minutes a day.
  2. Continue taking the fat-reducing medicine. You should not stop taking the medicine yourself.
  3. Focus on eating vegetables, fruits, and low-fat foods.
  4. Weight control
  5. Be wary of using dietary supplements or herbs that are advertised as reducing blood fats. May affect the action of the drug. and may cause side effects 
  6. Quit smoking because smoking increases the inflammatory processes in the body.