Former Barcelona boss says team hasn’t improved since he was fired

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  • Ronald Koeman was sacked as Barcelona head coach for just 14 months.
  • Koeman criticized Barcelona for not improving since parting ways with him.
  • He sees that the support from the club president is very important.
Former Barcelona boss says team hasn't improved since he was fired

It seems like there is still a feeling of hurt for the former head coach of Barcelona, ​​Ronald Koeman. When the current coach of the Netherlands national team recently came out to criticize his former club once again for not having improved since he was fired. The position in 2021, which he considered at that time. He did not receive the support of Joan Laporta, comparable to what Xavi Hernandez received in the previous period. Even if the work is better

Ronald Koeman spent more than 14 months at the helm of Barcelona before being sacked in October 2021 due to lackluster results. In the past, Koeman has come out and criticized Barcelona from time to time. Even going as far as saying that he could write a book about events during his time in charge of Barcelona. Let’s hint that Xavi Hernandez has even received more privileges than himself. Even though his performance in recent years has not been good.

“I’ve said it before. I hardly had the same level of support from the club president that Xavi did when they fired me. We were nine points behind Real Madrid. But now they are 10 points behind Madrid. I think if you are going to be successful you have the support of the president.

Looking at the broader picture, Xavi’s work is considered to be quite a bit more tangible than Koeman’s because since accepting the baton to manage Barcelona. ​The former Spanish midfielder led the Azulgrana to win the league championship one time and Another Spanish Super Cup. While Koeman was unable to lead the team to win the league once. Not including the work of Xavi, who has pushed many young players such as Lamine Yamal, Firmin López, Pao Kubarsi and many others to play for the first team. But even then, it wasn’t good enough. Barcelona had to sign a contract with Hansi Flick to continue the job next season.