10 low calorie menus Weight loss diet under 200 Kcal

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To find ” low calorie food ” for dinner, many people may find it difficult. Because on the way back home, walking through the street food market, there are only fried chicken, coconut milk curry and many other dishes that are intensely delicious but extremely fat. with the lowest calories What’s good to eat?

10 low calorie menus Weight loss diet under 200 Kcal

10 low calorie menus under 200 Kcal

  1. Noodles with minced pork in clear soup, 200 grams, contains 140 Kcal calories.
    Choose clear water, minced pork without lean. or stick to it as little as possible Garnish with lots of vegetables Keep it less seasoned. and less than half the noodles. Or it’s ok to scratch Give it to the fullest, 200 grams, not yet 150 Kcal, so think about it. Don’t forget to tell the seller not to add fried garlic.

Sour curry with vegetables and fish 200 grams 100 Kcal + brown rice 80 Kcal = 180 Kcal

Anyone who thinks that noodles are still pregnant Come to the rice and sour curry, Monk! Spicy Mixed Vegetable Soup with delicious fish, combined for less than 200 Kcal. Guarantee that you will be full, delicious, with a strong Thai flavor. But if it’s good Make orange curry by yourself. It will be better to control the amount of seasoning that is put into the curry.

Soup with white cabbage, egg tofu, minced pork 200 grams 110 Kcal + brown rice 80 Kcal = 190 Kcal

people who don’t eat spicy Let’s come to delicious ufabet https://ufabet999.com menu, easy, comfortable, easy stomach. with clear soup, tofu, egg, minced pork The more seaweed you add, the more umami you get. But if we will recommend It’s better not to put vermicelli. Because if you add vermicelli as well In addition to being slow and full of bowls Also increase the amount of calories to be higher. Accidentally will be more than 200 Kcal.

Pork congee/pork porridge 200 grams 160 Kcal

Porridge or Porridge It doesn’t always have to be eaten only for breakfast. Eating in the evening is also delicious and easy on the stomach. But if eating in the evening Try not to add eggs, it’s better. Because if special, add eggs as well Calories are going up Plus add another 75 Kcal if boiling porridge and eating by yourself. You can sneak cabbage, onion, coriander, carrot, broccoli, or your favorite vegetables into it.

Vermicelli salad with minced pork 200 grams 120 Kcal

Girls’ favorite food Because Yum is a spicy food, can cure greasy and vermicelli with spicy salad well. But don’t add too much vermicelli. Because aside from being easy to sluggish, 100 grams of vermicelli gives 337 Kcal calories, so it’s better to put less, just 10-30 grams, or about -30-90 Kcal.

1 poached egg 75 Kcal + brown rice 80 Kcal = 155 Kcal

Anyone who doesn’t want to eat something that is difficult to digest Try the poached egg menu, it’s delicious and very easy to make. Plus, there are still a few calories left to add toppings on top of the poached eggs. Whether it’s minced pork, crab sticks, a bit of fish, shiitake mushrooms or ginkgo like we see in Japanese steamed eggs, it’s delicious.

1 small set of fresh vegetable chili paste 55 Kcal + half boiled egg 38 Kcal + brown rice 80 = 173 Kcal

Let’s go full set for this meal, chilli paste, fresh vegetables, boiled eggs and rice. If you’re not full, let them know. In addition to the authentic Thai taste, there are also 5 groups. You can choose the chili paste as you wish. But if we recommend, avoid oils that are a bit oily, such as tamarind chili paste. Nam Prik Long Ruea, Nam Prik Ong, these might be better kept for another meal.

Steamed fish with lemon/small grilled fish 155 Kcal

Who doesn’t want to eat flour? Please come and eat fish meat instead. Get healthy protein and delicious taste. The lemon stuff is bright and refreshing. Don’t tell anyone. But don’t accidentally season it too much. Be careful. Eat with fresh vegetables. It’s good for health. Don’t tell anyone.

Stir fried bean sprouts with tofu 200 grams 155 Kcal

Really, I don’t really want to recommend any type of food. because it may avoid the amount of oil that cannot be used But if you are a person who cooks for yourself Use olive oil for a quick stir-fry. That’s enough. The more good protein from bean sprouts For those who are still not full, they are allowed to eat 2 heaping tablespoons of rice, okay?

1 fresh spring roll, 175 Kcal

To say that it’s Thai food is not really because the original is from Vietnam. But nowadays, the spring roll recipe has been improved until it has all sorts of fillings. and a wide selection of dipping sauces If you want to eat healthy Try changing the stuffing to vegetable stuffing, mushroom stuffing, minced pork stuffing, shrimp stuffing, and change the sweet sauce. topped on spring rolls It’s a low-fat salad dressing. Or seafood salad dressing can add spiciness as well.

Get great ideas for low calorie meals. And tomorrow, don’t forget to prepare a great menu and wait for it and don’t forget to exercise as well. to lose weight as intended Remember to diet, exercise, and get enough rest. It’s the key to good health.